June 28, 2011

Atlantica Online: The Hunt for the Best FTP MMORPG of 2011

Atlantica Online is in the spotlight for this week’s edition of The Hunt for the Best FTP MMORPG of 2011. This game features turn-based combat (think Final Fantasy), which I am not a huge fan of, but it does seem to suit this game relatively well. All in all the game plays pretty nicely, but I feel that there is something missing. What it is I am not entirely sure, but I guess I will just have to play until I find out.

One thing that is most definitely worth noting is the fact that you can add NPC “mercenaries” to your team. I have not seen this in any of the other games I have played and it brings a whole new style of play to this type of game. While I may be one class, my mercenaries can be totally different classes--allowing me, if I want, to have an entire group of completely unique and different characters all by myself. This idea is obviously awesome since I am not limited to just one character in my battles and I can call on any one of the characters at any time.

So far this game has been pretty good. I would not say that it is amazing, or that it is going to change the way people feel about online gaming, but I would say that it is a pretty decent way to spend some time. The graphics in Atlantica are fairly good, although I would say that they could not be qualified, by any means, as great. The game does have a feature similar to that of Forsaken World which gives the player the ability to move from one area to the next automatically. It is a nice feature and makes the game easier to jump into and quest quickly, or to get from A to B without being distracted or getting lost. I feel like the quests in Atlantica are not at the level they should be because I am not excited about doing them, but I am faced with the idea as a chore in order to gain exp and level up. While the game overall is not bad, the chances of me getting absorbed into it and spending immense time on it are low.

Atlantica has given me new insight into what MMORPG’s can do in yet another completely different setting and style than I have seen in the past. For a free to play game it certainly does have its perks. However, when you put it up against some of the other games that I have played, I would say that it does not stand out or shine over the rest.

Massively by Joystiq just recently released a blog with the topic being “How long does it take to rate an MMORPG?” With this in mind, I wonder if I had spent more time playing whether I would feel differently about the games that I have played. If I had spent a year, or even six months playing them I would probably have a different opinion than I do now after playing between 10-20 hours per game. While all the games that I have played have potential to be great, only some of them actually stand out from the beginning and make me want to play them more in the future. The question remains: How long does someone have to play a game before being able to say whether it is or is not something they will probably pick up again?


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