July 6, 2011

Hacking is Not for the Faint of Heart: LulzSec

Agent Bob: "This is our world now. The world of the electron and the switch; the beauty of the baud. We exist without nationality, skin color, or religious bias. You wage wars, murder, cheat, lie to us and try to make us believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals. Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto." Huh? Right? Manifesto? "You may stop me, but you can't stop us all."

Anyone? Yes? You in the back, no, not you--You! You are correct! This quote is from the movie Hackers, well, more specifically I got it from the Hackers IMDB profile, but you get the idea. So what does it have to do with gaming? Well, LulzSec is the group who has taken credit for the recent hackings that have taken place throughout the gaming community, and beyond, recently. Sony, Nintendo, the U.S Senate, and even Arizona’s department of Public Safety, have all been affected, and jeopardized by the group of hackers.

Recently the group of hackers decided to disband, as their fifty day operational period expired. So, why did they disband? In an interview with Associated Press, one of the members stated that they had previously decided they would be done in fifty days, and that they were not leaving because they were scared of the police, but just because they were bored.  Just one week ago, Ryan Cleary, who is an alleged member of LulzSec, was arrested and is being held under the computer misuse act, and fraud act. While the group does claim they are done, only time will tell and we will just have to wait and see.


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