July 6, 2011

Team Fortress 2 is Now Free?!?!

Any real gamer knows that there are three things that you need to have a gaming computer: A killer fast computer, monster high definition monitor, and Team Fortress 2. Well as of late, you only have to purchase two of the aforementioned items. No, Best Buy is not giving away amazing computers, but Team Fortress 2 is now free to play. Yes, the game that won awards for “Best Artistic Design, Best Multiplayer Experience, Best Artistic Experience, and more is now free to play! Why, you may ask? Well, it has actually been rumored since 2010 that the game would become free to, and it has finally made the shift.

The game will now be supported solely by in-game purchases. With the game being free to play, you can only imagine the surplus of new players, both novice and otherwise, set to begin their adventure. This means one thing: hackers. Well, I guess it means two: hackers, and easy kills. Valve has released a statement on their site assuring users that they will make an extra effort to ensure these players are caught and all instances of hacking or cheating in any way will be resolved as soon as possible; I would like to take them at their word. After all, they did make the game free to play, so you have to think that they are pretty good at making decisions.

Another question, which they have addressed on the page, can be found here: Team Fortress 2 FAQ, and asks, “What do the players who have already purchased the game and spent their hard earned cash on a game that is now free to play get?” After all, it is a bummer to have to buy a free sample at your local grocer. Well, how about a hat? Okay, so not all the choices made by Valve are the best, but they are trying… right? While a free hat doesn’t exactly cover the fifteen to thirty dollars you may have spent on purchasing the title in the older days, it’s a start. I guess they are not required to give us anything, so a hat will just have to do for now, but maybe there will be something more… practical in the near future.     


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