July 5, 2011

Wizard101: Not Just for Kids--Hunt for the Best FTP MMORPG of 2011

I have begun playing the next FTPMMORPG: “Wizard101.” The idea to play this game came from an avid gamer known best for his role as the lead vocalist of the band The Blue Oyster Cult, Eric Bloom. I’ll be honest, in the time I spent looking and contemplating the game I was thinking that it did not look very good. The content seemed to be geared more towards a younger crowd (under ten for example) and the content seemed to be quite cartoonish or even childish. Eric assured me that while the content may be perfect for a younger crowd, at a higher level the game actually requires quite a bit of strategy, and even a tactical approach to the action in the game. While I was skeptical, I never turn down a game, even if it is one that I might not love.

I began playing the game on Monday and I will say that I can see how it would require some tactical strategic game play. This game looks a bit more cartoonish than the type I usually play and the speech in the game is, at least for the most part, directed toward a younger crowd. The overall game play, however, is good—well, different, but still good. In the beginning of the game you answer a couple of questions and are placed into a certain school. I was placed into the school of fire, which will lead me down a certain path. In total there are six classes that will allow you to play the game in differing ways. The “battle” scenes take place in a turn-based manner, which is not the style of game play I am used to, but it works for the style of the game.

When a fight unfolds you have a deck of cards that you must pick from to be able to cast spells in the hopes of obliterating the foe or foes that come at you. There are, of course, quests just like in all of the other games I’ve been looking at, but these quests seem more like favors that you are doing for different characters you meet in the game. I have only just begun playing the game, but I can see how the action can become something of a challenge, especially as you reach the higher levels. In the little time that I have played, I received quite a few different pieces of flare: a couple of hats to increase defense, and a pair of shoes, but have yet to equip any of them. In the rest of the week I plan to increase my level and experience the game as the level of difficulty increases.

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