February 29, 2012

Top 12 reasons why game controllers are better than keyboards and mice when playing PC games

why controllers are better than keyboards and mice

1.  Comfort -- Controllers allow you to sit back, relax, and play much easier and better from your sofa or from a kicked back and relaxed posture.

2.  Immersion -- Controllers are better at keeping your focus on the game. And let’s face it, it’s all about the experience.

3.  Natural -- Controllers offer a more natural interface; they are built to feel better in your hands than a keyboard and mouse.

4.  Familiar -- Controllers are more familiar to gamers because many gamers grew up playing on consoles first.

5.  Multiple key presses simultaneously -- Controllers allow you to perform multiple actions at the same time, which is important in many games (e.g., go ahead and try to move, rotate your camera, and cast a seldomly used ability in World of Warcraft all at the same time with a keyboard & mouse. Let us know how that feels and works for you).

6.  Pain -- Controllers help reduce repetitive stress injury and neck pain; controllers have better ergonomics, especially over long periods of time.

7.  Easy to learn and use -- Controllers are easier and more fun to learn than a keyboard and mouse.

8.  Standard -- We have a dozen real arcade machines -- none of which have a keyboard and/or mouse interface. The game controller is a natural progression of the “old school” joysticks and buttons.

9.  Support -- Even in a game for PC elitists, like Battlefield 3, support is provided for a game controller right out of the box.

10. Expense -- Want to push several keys at once on the PC? You’re going to need a expensive mechanical keyboard. When using a controller, you can push all 10+ buttons on even the cheapest of controllers at once.

11. Speed -- Anything fast paced is better with a controller; racing games, brawlers such as Shank, Street Fighter, Just Cause 2, etc.

12. Intended use -- Controllers are designed to play games; keyboards and mice are designed to type Word documents and navigate interfaces.

Question: What are some of your reasons for controllers being better for PC gaming or, for that matter, why keyboards and mice are better?


Author: David Neumann aka “Kazurik”

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