August 30, 2011

Bring on the RAGE!

With the high frequency that new games are being released, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to try to pick a title that will be worth the hefty price. There are certain things that usually go into picking a game. Some of them are general, which end up being part of what everyone wants from a title: appealing graphics, good action, and a storyline that is interesting to you. Others are more specific to the player. While one individual may choose to play a strategy game, a different player might choose to play action-based games. While one individual might choose a FPS, another may prefer to play 3rd person shooters, and still another chooses 2D scrolling fighting based games.  The point is that everyone has his or her own niche.

I say all that to say this: Rage is set to be released on October 4th. While everyone’s idea of a perfect game will vary, the things that remain as constants in everyone’s gameplay are all present in Rage. While the game is a first person shooter, the graphics look good enough to require a pause every once in a while to get your reality back into check.   

The action of this game is like many other titles in that it keeps your attention, delivers life-like gameplay at a fast pace to keep you involved, and a war-zone that keeps you on your toes. Because the gameplay looks so great, the action seems to almost be amplified exponentially, giving users the incentive to not only pick up the game in the first place, but to continue to play it well into the late hours of the night. It is worth noting that while the roaming area is not as open as Red Dead Redemption or other such games, the story will change based on the decisions you make, leaving the player to choose the story they are told and not the other way around.  

As far as storylines go, this game has one that makes others seem unworthy. As the story goes, an asteroid that has killed a great part of the population has hit the world. The people who survived the blast are now in charge of creating a new one--a new population that is. One problem, however, is that not everyone likes the way things were and most have a desire to change it. While you are fighting for your life, just as important, if not more so, you’re fighting for the future.

The city in Rage closely resembles two things: the Wild West and Outback Steakhouse, because there seems to be “no rules”, but it ends up looking “just right.” The guns all resemble those that you will be using in other similar games, aside from the fact that they seem to be pieced together by scrap metal and a collection of old Buick parts. One thing that will ultimately set Rage apart from the other games soon-to-be-released is the varied ammunition up for use. The list includes electrical bolts, exploding charges, and pop rockets, which can only be described as exploding buckshot from a double barrel sawed-off shotgun.

Another thing that will set this game apart is the gore. While your mother may not approve, if you time your sniper shot correctly then you’re going to see a head explode like when the neighborhood bully went around kicking pumpkins on Halloween. When you shoot someone with a shotgun blast to the belly, there is going to be blood spilt. While this may not be great for the younger generation of gamers, it does make the game seem to be more realistic which leads to a deeper sense of immersion. After all, it would be considered abnormal if someone got shot only to release a double rainbow, and unicorns from their belly, and die while whistling “Don’t Worry, be Happy.” The game has an ESRB rating of M, and I think upon playing it you will have an understanding why.


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