May 10, 2011

The Hunt for the Best Free-to-Play MMORPG of 2011

While searching for the next big game, and honestly, new games to play during my time off, I found myself sifting through an overwhelming list of free-to-play, a.k.a. FTP games. In light of the Playstation Network crisis and soaring console game prices, the idea of free-to-play is more appealing than ever. There are a ton of FTP games for the MMORPG crowd, as well as other genres. To be honest, I could not decide where to start. I began searching for reviews, facts, and even just forums to find out what to look for while searching through the huge list of games. I have looked at quite a few, including Aika and Rappelz, but have not yet locked down a list of which games I will surely begin and continue to play.

In trying to find the solution, I came across Colin at The247arcade on Twitter. Colin told me that he has a bit of experience in the FTP game market and stated that he may be able to point me in the right direction. One thing lead to another, and we soon came up with the idea of "The Hunt for the MMORPG 2011 Game!" Over the next couple of months, Colin and I will be scanning the Internet to find the top free-to-play games according to our opinions and compiling a list of our top picks for everyone to admire. So get ready, Colin, we have quite a bit of gaming to do! (It’s a tough job, I know. I will be accepting rewards in the form of cookies and high fives.)

So what games are all of you playing? Can you help us in our effort to find the top MMORPG of 2011? Leave a comment below to give us an idea of which games are getting a lot of attention to point us in the right direction. Jason @JoystixPro

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