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Joystix Pro Elite
14-Day FREE Trial
  • Try all of our supported games risk free
  • Customize your button mapping
  • Create custom stix for your favorite game
  • Fully-featured Texter, the keyboard for your thumbs
  • Only $20 after 14 days
  • Discounts on Next Major Version Release of at least 50%

14-day free trial

Try out our risk-free 14-day free trial with no credit card required. With the free trial, you get full support for our full suite of games. Quickly and easily jump between all the games you love. After your trial, Joystix Pro is a one time $20 purchase after which you receive updates for free until the next major version release! When you pay for the full version you get all of our wonderful features without a time limit.

  • Create and Customize Your Favorite Games’ Stix with the Stix Studio
  • Play Any Game with a Controller Whenever You Like
  • Use the Windows Stik for a Convenient Controller for All Forms of Computer Media
  • Get Rid of Advertisements
  • Exclusive Access to the Members-Only Forum