December 4, 2011

Play Modern Warfare 3 with a Controller Using Joystix Pro

A new Call of Duty title has been released and taken the gaming world by storm, yet again. Modern Warfare 3 is here and we’re just as excited about it as you are. Whether your game is collecting all the intel in the Campaign, competing through endless waves of enemies in Spec Ops, or destroying all of the competition in multiplayer, you will--without a doubt-- find a game type that suits you.

However, there was one critical issue: no controller support. We have good news, though: Joystix Pro now supports Modern Warfare 3! That’s right, we have created a Stik for use specifically with MW3 and it is tested and ready to go! Don’t believe us? Check out the video!

What makes this better is that the Stik is completely free! While you could just mosey on over to the site and click on the download button there, why not just do it right here?  

Free Download

Yep, just click the link above and you will instantly begin to download the Modern Warfare 3 Stik. The graphics on your PC far surpass anything that a console can put out, so put it to use and play the PC games that you want with the controller you want.



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