May 26, 2011

So What is This Joystix Pro Thing, Anyway?

Joystix Pro was created to provide PC gamers with the ability to play their PC games with the use of gaming controllers, or gamepads, as easily as possible. Joystix Pro allows its users to connect to a library of controller configurations, based on the game the user wants to play. Games that may only have been accessible through the use of a mouse and keyboard combo can now be played using the controllers with which so many gamers have become familiar.

Some of the games  including games such as the following:


The list of supported games is constantly expanding and presently contains over 35 games. Stix can also be requested for games through the forums, or you can create your own through the program known as Stix Studio.

Joystix Pro is well known for its ability to allow World of Warcraft players to play the game with an Xbox 360 controller, clearing the obstacles many gamers see when they approach a PC-based game. While the most iconic controller linked to Joystix Pro is the Xbox 360 controller, there are several other controllers supported by Joystix Pro—and the list will continue expanding. At this point, the compatible controllers available for use are as follows:

  • Saitek PS2700 Rumble Pad
  • Saitek Cyborg V3
  • Logitech Rumblepad 2
  • Microsoft Xbox 360

With the implementation of the Stix Studio, users are given the ability to customize their controllers to any configuration that best fits the player’s mode of play, or preferred button layout. This program allows the actions of the controller to be taken to new heights. Peter McAlindon, CEO of Blue Orb Inc., and creator of Joystix Pro stated “The idea is not to have to adapt to your controller but have the controller adapt to you.” With the Stix Studio, this idea is brought to life, giving the user the ability to customize the controller in any way the user can dream. Whether you are using the default controls that we have created, or customizing your own in the Stix Studio, you have the ability to control the game the way you want to, not the way that the game wants you to.

As far as pricing goes, there are three different methods. They are all listed on this page and all have different strong points. First, we offer a three-month membership, which is great for you to test out the program, begin to familiarize yourself with it, and, of course, begin using it to dominate the other players. The annual membership plan is perfect for continuing to dominate throughout your leveling up, stage clearing, or noob smashing experience—not to mention you receive two months free when compared with the three-month membership. The third option you have to obtain a Joystix Pro membership is the Elite Membership. The Elite Membership is a one-time payment, good for updates through the next major version release, that gives the member all of the same abilities as the three-month and annual memberships, but for a one-time payment.  

While I have answered quite a few of the questions that are frequently asked via email or in the forums, I am sure that there will be at least a few more. Feel free to send me your questions via email , or ask them in the forums.     


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