May 23, 2011

What could be better than a Forsaken World? One filled to the brim with giant animals wishing to kill you!

Today was my last day of playing Forsaken World. While I am happy to begin playing the next free online game, I can also say that I am a bit upset to see Forsaken World leave my life. In my last blog, I made sure to let all of you know that I was not up to date on MMO’s, RPG’s, or even FTP’s for that matter, let alone FTPMMORPG’s! However, Forsaken World has given me a tremendous outlook on the rest of my adventure through my list of games that I will soon be playing. (You can see the list here: list of games). I feel that I now have a good idea of how MMORPG’s work, how they should play, and I have a great point of reference to use when looking at the other games I will play in the future. When I began playing Forsaken World, I felt that being a vampire, or any other cartoon-like character, be it dwarf, vampire, or werewolf (even one named “Awesome”) would take away from the game for me. Most of the games I have played in the past such as the COD titles, Assasins Creed Titles, Rainbow six titles have involved real humans doing things that humans could do, in most cases, to other humans, and I felt like leaving the human side and turning to the dark side to become a vampire would remove the level of immersion for me.  I was wrong; while the level of immersion was not lessened, it was, however, different.

I was fully immersed in quests and learning new tricks of the trades. In the aforementioned games I found myself worried about the mission or the task at hand, while in Forsaken World I was concerned with the task at hand but wary of the path to get there—and, of course, the scenery around me while I was on my way. Since Forsaken World was my first MMORPG, I was also worried about having to use the keyboard/mouse combo to control my character. However, now that I have created the Stik for Forsaken World, I was able to use my Xbox 360 controller to control all of the game functions with the controller I am used to. I have the mouse running through my right joystick and was able to use it as well as if I was playing the game with a keyboard. Make sure to tell me what you think about it on the forums.                          

So what is next in the lineup? Vindictus. According to an email I received from ShadowxDrago, an individual that emailed me about The Hunt for the Best Free-to-Play MMORPG of 2011, Vindictus can be compared to Ninja Gaiden or Zelda, which are two of my old time favorites! I love the old Zeldas and honestly cannot wait to begin playing my next choice. So hopefully it does the old classics justice, but with all of the pizzazz of a 2011 game—this could turn out to be one of my favorites! Don’t forget to keep me involved with what your doing @ my email, and be sure to keep up with what I am doing @ my blog. Also, the Stik for Forsaken World is just about complete so be sure to come by to check on its status here. One last thing, today I begin playing Vindictus, what character should I be? Be sure to tell me what the best characters to be are!


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