June 3, 2011

Vindictus: Pride, Power, and Style

You know, it’s funny--when I began playing Vindictus, I felt the same way about it as I felt about Forsaken World. I was somewhat interested, and felt some amount of care for my character, but then something happened: I purchased new swords... Now I know what you’re thinking; who cares? Well, to be honest, I do. I know that the people who have been playing Vindictus for a long time would not even blink about getting new swords, especially ones that are only one level higher, but the new swords did more than just give me the ability to kill enemies in one less hit, they gave me a feeling of pride in my character.

Of course I purchased the new swords to be more efficient on quests, but then I crafted some new armor, a crimson red chest plate to be exact. Now I thought I looked stupid with the same old pants, so I changed them to the crimson red ones that I had to have my good friend “Ferghus” make at “the Forge.” So I had to find all the equipment needed to make them, and make my way back with the correct amount of gold to have them made. I was set, my chest and leg armor looked great. But wait, my wimpy hands were not only unprotected, but also looked, well, wimpy. So, I purchased the gloves and the shoes as well; to be honest, I would have purchased the helmet, but I ran out of “fire spirit remnant”. It was at that point when I realized that while I was adding armor to my character to be stronger and pose more of a threat to my attackers, the real reason I was adding it was so that other characters making their way through the game would not look at me and think I was a noob. I realized I began to actually care about the looks and actions of my character.

When passing the high-ranking cloaked members by the dock with the beautiful, amazing, and apparently top secret swords, I looked on with envy. While in town I did my best to make sure that I had all matching gear, I did what I could while on quests to make sure that I was taking on my fair share of the fights with the poor opposition to earn the respect from my party members. I get it. I get what it is about now. Pride, and care not only about, but for your character. I have even begun fishing, just for the sport of it. Well for the fish, but for the sport as well.

The level of immersion is highly intense, and I believe that it may be the reason I have spent so many hours on my character. I have switched from trying to do well, to trying to do well and look good doing it. I look for the best armor, swords, and the best skills to learn. I have played the quest where you have to battle what looks like a giant red dog with a huge club probably a hundred times because I seem to almost always find cloth, or leather which is necessary to create, well, pretty much everything. When Colin, @ and I began this expedition to find the best FTP MMORPG of 2011, Colin made sure I understood that we could not get attached to any of the games because we could end up spending forever on one and never make it to the second one. I was confused to be honest, why would I get attached? What could a game possibly have to offer that would be so addicting that I would not want to go on to the next game?  Well, as I previously stated, I get it, and I guess my new problem is how to let it go to move on to the next one.

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